Will arizona collapse?

Will Plummer is a 6-2, 205 pound professional quarterback from Gilbert, AZ. The brother against. There will still be a quarterback competition between Laura, Will Plummer and Jordan McCloud for the initial job, but last year Laura led the Pac-12 in touchdown passes, finished fourth in the passer qualification, led the Cougars to a surprising 6-3 record in the conference, has three years left of eligibility and presumably I wouldn't have come to Arizona unless I was pretty sure I'd be the headline. The wrong assumption that they could be father and son makes sense.

Jack grew up in Gilbert, Arizona, which is just 10 miles from the state of Arizona, where Jake Plummer was Pac-10 player of the year in 1996 and was about to guide the Sun Devils to a national championship. Jake Plummer also played his first six seasons in the NFL for the Arizona Cardinals, who then played their home games at Sun Devil Stadium, again about 10 miles from Jack's house. Jake Plummer is 47 years old, so he could have a 22-year-old son like Jack, which seems like a reasonable name for a son of Jake Plummer, even if Jake's real name is Jason. And, in fact, Jake Plummer has a son, although he is only 12 years old and he is not yet playing college football.

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