Why plumber's tape?

Plumbing tape is recommended for most threaded connections that do not have a built-in rubber seal. It also helps lubricate the connection, making the threading a little smoother and helps prevent pipes from sticking when you want to disassemble the joint. Feel free to call us today to schedule an appointment with a plumber in and around Columbia, MO. Both varieties of tape can be purchased at any plumbing supply store, although a plumber must make sure that he gets the type that best suits the job at hand.

Plumbing tape, also known as thread sealing tape, PTFE tape or Teflon tape, is a flexible tape used to seal pipe threads. However, no matter how durable the pipes are, there are usually cases where a plumber may need to reinforce joints or repair leaks. Generally speaking, plumbing tape is any type of adhesive or strapping used to hold pipes together. Experts usually also recommend that the plumber wrap the tape in the same direction in which he will tighten the fitting on the pipe.

With a single roll of plumbing tape, you can improve the tightness of a threaded joint by adding new accessories, such as a dishwasher, washing machine, or even replacing old faucets with new ones. The presence of that plumber's tape, as it is sometimes called, is there for more than just decoration. Other tape manufacturers used Teflon to create their plumbing tape, and were allowed to use the name as long as they used real Teflon in their products. Skilled plumbers advise using the right amount, not too much, not too little, even if it's easier said than done.

Most careful plumbers do not recommend the use of silicone because of its low corrosion resistance and poor lubrication characteristics. Thread sealing tape (also known as PTFE tape, Teflon tape or plumbing tape) is a polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) film tape that is commonly used in pipes to seal pipe threads. Some plumbers and other workers use both products in the same application, adding a thin layer of pipe joint compound over the thread seal tape to ensure a tight or airtight seal. Often referred to as the plumber's best friend, Teflon tape or thread sealant is a simple yet effective material found in traditional tool kits around the world.

Plumbing tape is an elastic and smooth polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) membrane that seals water and gas pipe fittings. The most important step is to wind the plumber's tape in the opposite direction from the one you will screw the pipe into the fitting.

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