How much money did the plumber find on the wall?

The plumber who would have discovered an undisclosed amount of checks and cash inside a wall during a plumbing repair at Joel Osteen's Lakewood church told a local TV station that he should get a reward for the find. The plumber told a Houston radio show on Thursday that he found money in November. The plumber told KPRC 2 this weekend that he deserves a reward because he helped uncover key clues that could lead to the case being resolved. In a separate interview that aired on KPRC 2 on Sunday, the plumber said he hadn't heard from Lakewood Church.

He said the church didn't address him during Sunday's service either. Timothy Fanning is a digital reporter for San Antonio Express-News. The plumber behind the discovery, Justin Cauley, told NBC affiliate KPRC: “This money is going to help tremendously. Over the weekend, the plumber said he was “a little upset that Osteen allegedly didn't contact or reference Cauley during his services at Lakewood.

Because the statute of limitations for the robbery case expired, Deputy Director of Crime Stoppers, Nichole Christoph, told the station that the plumber would not receive the reward. A plumber says he found a large amount of money on a wall while he was working at the church in November. The plumber who found lost money on the church wall says he deserves a reward, or at least a thank you. The envelopes were discovered behind a loose toilet by the plumber while he was doing repairs at the Houston church in November.

The plumber told co-host George Lindsey that after making the discovery, he notified a maintenance person at the church and “handed everything over. Given the time of the case, Crime Stoppers of Houston said that the statute of limitations has expired and that the plumber who made the discovery will not receive any reward money. The plumber, identified by NBC Houston affiliate KPRC as Justin Cauley, discovered the money last month while removing a toilet from a church bathroom. The plumber told KPRC that while business has been going up and down during the pandemic for him and his young family, “this money is going to help tremendously.

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