What are plumber's pants?

In this Plumber Pants game, players take turns raiding their toolbox and loading the tools onto their belt. The only player who doesn't drop his pants wins. In Plumber Pants, your child can play a joke on the unsuspecting plumber. While working to fix an obstruction under a sink, players take turns stealing various tools from their toolbox.

One by one, they clip the tools onto their plumber's belt, which slides down to reveal particularly adorable underpants with a heart print. If a player places the tool that ends up causing his pants to fall off, the water will come out of the sink and that player will be eliminated. The winner of the game is, you guessed it, the only player who doesn't make the plumber's pants fall off is the winner. Plumber Pants is just one of many new games on Hasbro's list (just like Porcupine Pop), and it's guaranteed to make a splash (very intentional pun).

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