Do plumbers get rich?

However, some millionaires track their fortunes back in time by working as plumbers, farmers, construction workers, bus drivers and janitors. Here's a look at the millionaires who built their fortune on the high-paying manual jobs that prompted them to start. Why are plumbers so expensive? Plumbers are expensive because it is a highly specialized trade that requires thousands of hours to master it. In addition, they make house calls, which means they spend time and money investing in vehicles, tools, equipment and gasoline to take them away.

With so many people working from home, homeowners are investing in the types of home improvement projects that require licensed contractors such as plumbers, HVAC professionals, and electricians. And using field management software like Housecall Pro gives licensed plumbers an edge over the competition, helping them earn more money and impress more customers. Sometimes you compete with plumbers who often have little idea about quotes and often underestimate what should be charged, and end up winning the job. The point I want to make is that being a plumber (or any kind of tradie) is not a race to get rich quickly.

Aspiring plumbers should seek well-established business schools for the highest quality certifications. Many plumbers have engineering experience, and the richest plumbers can often be more accurately classified as business owners who, after working as plumbers for several years, started their own businesses employing several other plumbers. The more buildings that are built and the larger and more complex your water systems are, the more plumbers will be needed. It turns out that plumbers rate their professional happiness 2.8 out of 5 stars, which places them in the bottom 18% of careers.

This type of software helps plumbers schedule new jobs, dispatch their teams, and manage their money with ease and speed that can't be matched with pen and paper. That kind of turnover suggests that younger plumbers looking to start their business, or master plumbers looking to grow their existing business, need every advantage they can get.

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