What does plumber mean?

Name a person who installs and repairs pipes and fittings for water, sanitation, or heating systems. A person who installs and repairs pipes and fittings for water supply, sanitation or heating systems. A plumber is a merchant who specializes in the installation and maintenance of systems used for drinking water, sewerage and drainage in plumbing systems. The term dates back to ancient times and is related to the Latin word for lead, plumbum.

A plumber is someone whose job includes fixing pipes and installing water and sewage systems. If the sink in the kitchen is clogged, you should call a plumber. After much discussion and discussion, the plumber consented to leave the old copper pump in the sink, in addition to the faucets. When a leak arises in your bathroom and you have to pay a real sum to the plumber, you Google “how to get cash quickly.

These example sentences are automatically selected from various online news sources to reflect the current usage of the word “plumber”. The NRA and Joe the Plumber see dead Americans as an acceptable loss so they can have easy access to weapons. When the water pipes connecting a cooking boiler freeze, look for a plumber and avoid an explosion of the water back. I don't care if they're plumbers, if they're writers or teachers, whatever they want to do, as long as they're passionate.

Where you look at Joe Biden then or look at Joe Biden now, he's a Scranton kid, he speaks the language of the waiter or the plumber or the postman. The job of plumbers ranges from relatively simple tasks, such as repairing toilets and removing clogs from drains, to much more complicated jobs, such as replacing all old and corroded plumbing on a bathroom floor with new ones. The other cameras, which had fireplaces, decided they didn't need any more heating, although the plumber was sad and skeptical. A rape of a child, if he were a normal guy, teacher, doctor, plumber, decorator, then I'm sure he would have been deported from any country to the U.

The word plumber has been around since ancient Rome, when a plumber was anyone who worked with lead, and lead was a common material for pipes, bathrooms, drains and ducts. The same people who report expert opinion on movies or music will praise a trained plumber or car mechanic. I'd like to mention that a couple of days ago Senator Obama was in Ohio and had a meeting with a guy who is a plumber, his name is Joe Wurzelbacher.

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