Plumber who found money?

Justin Cauley, or Justin the Plumber, found piles of cash and checks on the wall of Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church and alerted the staff. The plumber behind the discovery, Justin Cauley, told NBC affiliate KPRC: “This money is going to help tremendously. HOUSTON (KTRK) - A Texas plumber is getting a big reward after handing over a stash of cash he found hidden in the walls of Joel Osteen's megachurch. Most of the story remains a mystery, even after the plumber, only identified as Justin, called “The Morning Bullpen”, a local radio show.

Representatives from Lakewood Church said in a statement to KPRC-TV that they are grateful to the plumber and expect him to pay the gift forward. The plumber, identified by NBC Houston affiliate KPRC as Justin Cauley, discovered the money last month while removing a toilet from a church bathroom. The envelopes were discovered behind a loose toilet by the plumber while doing repairs at the Houston church in November.

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